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Theoretical Chemistry References Search



How to use the search engine:

  1. If you enter strings in several fields, the database entry must match all of them.
  2. The match is case-insensitive.
  3. This search function does not support simple "and" / "or" constructs. Instead, Perl-style regular expressions must be used to specify search terms (use expressions below without quotes):
    • A dot will match any character in a word, e.g. "" will match "Meyer" and "Meier", as well as "Burgmeyer".
    • To match an umlaut use two dots: "m..ller" will match "Müller" and "Mueller" but not "Miller".
    • "müller|meyer" will match any paper written by at least one of the two.
    • Note that "müller | meyer" will only match "müller " or " meyer" (note the blanks), so omit the blanks to find all relevant matches.
    • To find all publications written by Müller and Meyer, you need to search for "(müller.*meyer)|(meyer.*müller)"
  4. You can specify a range of years using a search term of the form "1991-1994" or "2000-".
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