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Joint Theoretical Chemistry Seminar

AK Vendrell and AK Dreuw

Seminar Schedule Summer Semester 2019


 21.03.19  Shaul Mukamel, University of California Irvine, USA
 TBA   11:00 Conference Room (5.OG), Mathematikon
 29.04.19  Joel Bowman, Emory University, Atlanta, USA
 Vibrational Dynamics of the Hydrated Proton using Ab Inito Many-body Potential Energy and Dipole Moment Surfaces
 13.05.19  Stephan P. A. Sauer, University of Copenhagen
 20.05.19  Wim Klopper, KIT Karlsruhe
 27.05.19  Henrik Koch, Pisa
 Quantum electrodynamics coupled cluster method (QED-CC)
 03.06.19  Philipp Marquetand,Universität Wien
 14.06.19  Markus Reiher, ETH Zürich
 Tensor Network States in Electronic and Vibrational Structure Theory
 08.07.19  Anjan Chattopadhyay, Dep.of Chemistry, BITS-PILANI,India
 28.01.19  Raluca Cireasa, Orsay, France


As a rule, seminars take place on Monday, 16:15, in "Kleiner Hörsaal", INF 252.

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