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Journal Club & Group Meetings

 Winter semester 2023/2024

   - Seminars take place on Thursdays at 11:15 a.m.

   - Venue: TC library


Date Speaker Title
19.10.2023 Jing Cavity-controlled isomerization of HONO
26.10.2023 Federico Possible applications of synchronization theory in polaritonic chemistry
02.11.2023 Emilio Optimizing function parameters using python: from analytical to neural network
09.11.2023 Niclas Transport processes in cavities
10.11.2023 Fabien Gatti Quantum description in high dimensionality of scattering of particles from surfaces
16.11.2023 Lisa Modification of singlet fission dynamics with strong light-matter coupling
23.11.2023 Michele Gandolfi Investigating dynamic couplings for classical and semiclassical spectroscopy
30.11.2023 Yafu Guan Non-adiabatic Molecular Reaction Dynamics based on Diabatic Representation
07.12.2023 Daniel Machine learning for MCTDH and subspace expansion for quantum computers
14.12.2023 Nazanin Polariton Chemistry in Plasmonic Cavity: A Quantum Dynamic Approach
11.01.2024 Johana TBA
18.01.2024 Sudip TBA
25.01.2024 Markus TBA
01.02.2024 David TBA
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