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Oriol Vendrell Romagosa


2018- Chair of Theoretical Chemistry, Heidelberg University
2016 Associate Professor of Physics, Aarhus University
2010 Senior Scientist and Group Leader, Center for Free-Electron Laser Science and DESY, Hamburg
2005 Postdoctoral Fellow (Alexander von Humboldt & Marie Curie), Heidelberg University
2005 PhD in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Autonomous University of Barcelona


My research interests are in the general field of chemical dynamics, in particular in connection with ultrafast phenomena in molecular systems and their interaction with light:

  • Ultrafast molecular science
  • Molecule-light interaction
  • Non-adiabatic phenomena
  • Time-resolved spectroscopies
  • Dynamics of highly excited molecules and clusters

My interests are as well in the area of methods development for quantum molecular dynamics, in particular around the MCTDH method and its multilayer-MCTDH generalisation.

List of publications of OV

List of publications of the research group (includes OV's before joining Heidelberg University)

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