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Physical Chemistry of Layered Nanomaterials - Group Dr. Claudia Backes



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    Ten Years of Liquid-phase Exfoliation of Layered Crystals - A Bright Future ahead?

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  7. 2018

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  18. 2017

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    Druckbare Transistoren aus zweidimensionalen Nanoschichten: Elektronik

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  27. 2016

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    J. Vis. Exp. (2016), 118, doi: 10.3791/54806.

    Video available on request

  29. Boland, C.S.; Khan, U.; Ryan, G.; Barwich, S.; Charifou, R.; Harvey, A.; Backes, C.; Li, Z.; Ferreira, M.S.; Möbius, M.E.; Young, R.J.; Coleman, J.N.

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    Elsevier, Carbon (2016), 105, 593-599

    PDF Open-Access

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  43. 2015

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  50. 2014

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