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Joint Theoretical Chemistry Seminar

AK Dreuw and AK Vendrell

Seminar Schedule Winter Semester 2020/21

The seminar is held online. 16:30.

 16.11.20  Thomas Fransson, Dreuw group
 Reliable calculation of X-ray absorption and emission spectra:
 precision versus accuracy
 30.11.20  Sudip Sasmal, Vendrell group
 Non-adiabatic quantum dynamics without potential energy curves
 based on second-quantized electrons
 14.12.20  Dirk Rehn, Dreuw group
 Applications of the ADC approach for molecular response properties
 11.01.21  Alex Kuleff, Vendrell group
 Ultrafast non-adiabatic relaxation of XUV-excited molecules:
 Dynamics in correlation bands
 25.01.21  Adem K., Dreuw group
 A stochastic implementation of the ADC method:
 The quantum Monte Carlo ADC method
 08.02.21  Markus Schröder, Vendrell group
 Full-dimensional vibrational calculations for the Eigen cation
 using a global potential energy surface fit

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