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Joint Theoretical Chemistry Seminar

AK Dreuw and AK Vendrell

Seminar Schedule Winter Semester 2019/20

As a rule, seminars take place on Monday, 16:15, in "Kleiner Hörsaal", INF 252

 07.10.19  Henrik Koch, Pisa
 Quantum electrodynamics coupled cluster method (QED-CC)
 21.10.19  Willem Klopper, KIT Karlsruhe
 Bethe-Salpeter Approach for Molecular Quantum Chemistry
 25.10.19  SYMPOSIUM Electrons and nuclei in concert:
 Molecular dynamics after photoexcitation
 Friday, 13:30 - 17:30, Mathematikon, INF 205, 5th floor
 See the link: SYMPOSIUM
 04.11.19  Tony Dutoi, Stockton,Ca,USA
 Excitonically Renormalized Coupled-cluster (XR-CC) Theory
 for Large-scale Electronic Structure Calculations
 11.11.19  Reinhold Fink, Tübingen
 What wavefunctions teach us about correlation methods
 and intermolecular interactions
 18.11.19  Petra Votavová, Prague
 Interference effects in mediated ICD
 02.12.19  Uli Schollwoeck, Munich
 Tensor networks: A useful method for quantum chemistry?
 09.12.19  Gerhard Stock, Freiburg
 Time-resolved description of protein allosteric communication
 20.01.20  Guntram Rauhut, Stuttgart
 From accurate potential energy surfaces to the reliable prediction
 of vibronic spectra
 03.02.20  Wolfgang Eisfeld, Bielefeld
 Development of diabatic potential energy surfaces (PESs)
 for molecular quantum dynamics simulations
 Hua Guo, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque  Thu 16:15, Kl. HS
 Phase or Faith: The Molecular Aharanov-Bohm Effect in
 Unimolecular Reactions

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