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Dr. Ioan Baldea

Research interests


low-dimensional systems (Krogmann salt, NbSe_3, polyacetylene, etc);

structural (Peierls, CDW, SDW) and magnetic phase transitions;

quantum phase transitions;

many-body theory (Green's functions, Feynman diagrams, functional integration, exact (Lanczos) numerical diagonalization);

mesoscopic systems;

optical absorption, photoionization, high-harmonic generation in nanostructures;

quantum dots, nanorings;

strongly correlated electrons and strong electron-phonon coupling with emphasis on mesoscopic and nanoscopic systems;

extended Hubbard models and related;

quantum dot arrays, nanorings, single-electron transistors;

NEXAF in substituted benzoic acids;

adiabatic and nonadiabatic effects in mesoscopic systems, molecules, and clusters;

vibronic coupling, conical intersections, femtosecond dynamics in medium-size molecules (benzene and benzene derivatives);

molecular clusters (Na_3);

Jahn-Teller effect;

ab initio quantum chemical calculations to medium-size molecules (benzene derivatives, bipyridine);

electron transport in nanosystems and molecular junctions/transistors;

transition voltage spectroscopy (TVS);

transport-related quantum chemical studies on molecules with floppy degrees of freedom and immersed in solvents;

charge transport through individual proteins (azurin) in EC-STM setup

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