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Theoretical Chemistry Group Heidelberg

 Summer semester 2023/2024

   - Seminars take place on Thursdays at 11:15 a.m.

   - Venue: TC library


Date Speaker Title
15.04.2024 Loïse Attal A system-bath model to investigate the quantum dynamics of complex or interacting molecular systems
02.05.2024 Emilio Effect of electronic coherences on conical-intersection dynamics in core-excited states
16.05.2024 Federico Photodissociation dynamics of NOCl molecules under electronic strong coupling
06.06.2024 Daniel MCTDH on GPUs with Autodifferentiation
07.06.2024 Gopal Dixit Valleytronics and Valley-transistor in Two-dimensional Materials
27.06.2024 Lisa Modification of spin dynamics through ring currents
11.07.2024 Niclas TBA
11.07.2024 Emilio TBA
25.07.2024 Alessandro TBA


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