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Im Neuenheimer Feld 253
69120 Heidelberg, Germany

Institute for Advanced Study

HTML5 Icon Center for Integrative Medicine and Physics, Institute for Advanced Study, Kyoto University
Yoshida Ushinomiya-cho, Sakyo-ku
Kyoto 606-8501, Japan

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PCI: Institut für Physikalische Chemie, INF 253
BQ:  Bioquant, INF 267
iCeMS: Institute for integrated Cell-Material Sciences
Motomu Tanaka leader tanaka at
 011c PCI  54-4916
Gabriele Fabry  secretary fabry at
 011b PCI  54-4916
Stefan Kaufmann group leader biology s.kaufmann at  114a PCI  54-5035
Wasim Abuillan Postdoc wasim.abuillan at  011a PCI  54-5029
Akihisa Yamamoto Postdoc ayamamoto at   iCeMS  
Ryo Suzuki Postdoc rsuzuki at   iCeMS  
Federico Amadei PhD student federico.amadei at  011a PCI  54-5030
Judith Thoma PhD student judith.thoma at  011a PCI  54-5029
Philipp Linke PhD student phil.linke at  011a PCI  54-5035
Sven Mehlhose PhD student mehlhose at  011a PCI  54-5034
Salome Mielke PhD student salome.mielke at  011a PCI  54-5030
Moritz Herrmann PhD student moritz.herrmann at  011a PCI  54-4937
Julian Czajor PhD student julian.czajor at  011a PCI  54-4937
Esther Kimmle PhD student e.kimmle at  011a PCI  54-4937
Richard Morlang Technical assistant richard.morlang at  011a PCI  54-5030

Former Group Members

Dr. Cornelia Monzel, Institut Curie
Dr. Ali Makky, Associate professor (MCF) in Biopharmacy and pharmacotechnology at the University of Paris XI
Dr. Rafael G. Oliveira (Alexander von Humboldt Fellow), Department of Biological Chemistry, National University of Cordoba (Argentina)
Dr. Andreea Banu, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Nancy (France)
Dr. Fatima Al-Ali, Faculty of Science, University of Lebanon-Tripoli (Lebanon)

PhD Students
Dr. Benjamin Froehlich
Dr. Maryam Eshrati
Dr. Mariam Veschgini
Dr. Harden Rieger
Dr. Victoria Frank
Dr. Alexandra Becker
Dr. Agatha Korytowski
Dr. Nataliya Frenkel
Dr. Alexander Koerner
Dr. Heiko Hillebrandt, Roche
Dr. Matthias Schneider, University of Augsburg
Dr. Klaus Adlkofer, Infineon
Dr. Oliver Purrucker
Dr. Florian Rehfeldt
Dr. Daniel Gassul
Dr. Jochen Oelke
Dr. Thomas Schubert
Dr. Peter C. Seitz
Dr.-Ing. Murat Tutus
Dr. Emmanuel Schneck
Dr. Thomas Kaindl

Diploma, Master, and Bachelor Students
Marion Hochrein (Physics, TU Munich), Diploma Thesis: 2001
Stefan Schiefer (Physics, TU Munich), Diploma Thesis: 2003
Joachim Hermann (Physics, TU Munich), Diploma Thesis: 2004
Alexander Tschukes (Biochemistry, TU Munich) Bachelor Thesis: 2005
Alberto Zibbetti, (Biomed. Eng., Politecnico di Torino, ERASMUS at TU Munich) Master Thesis: 2007
Amelie Eichmann, Bachelor Thesis: 2009
Marco Pascucci, Bachelor Thesis: 2009
Juliane Oswald, Master Thesis: 2010
Moritz Herrmann, Master Thesis: 2011

Lab Students
Diana Stoycheva, research student (M.Sc.)
Kai Hock, research student (M.Sc.)
Marcel Beining, research student (B.Sc.)
Moritz Herrmann, research student (M.Sc.)

Clair Vautrin, CEA Saclay (France) : 2002
Amy Wong, Harvard University (USA): 2003
Dr. Tomoyuki Morita, Futoshi Fujimura, Kyoto University (Japan): 2004
Dr. Fatima Al-Ali, University of Tripoli (Lebanon): 2006
Ayako Yamada, Kyoto University (Japan): 2006

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