General Lectures

APC Seminar 2018

  • 08.05 13:00–14:00
    T. Neumann, M. Rother, S. Ott

  • 15.05 13:00–14:00
    F. Berger, Ya-P. Lin, Ya-H. Liang

  • 29.05 13:00–14:00
    S. Grieger B. Szydlowska,
    K. Synnatschke

  • 05.06 13:00–14:00
    E. Delic, M. Krings, M. Brohmann

  • 26.06 13:00–14:00
    Dr. Piotr Cyganik

  • 03.07 13:00–14:00
    V. J. Rao, E.Sauter, M. Matthiesen

  • 17.07 13:00–14:00
    S. Schneider, F. Rashvand,
    J. Lüttgensgens


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Physical Chemistry of Layered Nanomaterials - Group Dr. Claudia Backes


PhysChem2D Group

Spectroscopy, Plasmonics Welcome to the website of the Layered Nanomaterials Group! We are interested in exploiting liquid-exfoliated layered, two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials as versatile building blocks for further solution processing and supramolecular chemistry. These include for example transition metal dichalcogenides (MoS2, WSe2…) or III-VI semiconductors (GaS). We apply a number of spectroscopic and microscopic techniques to both understand and tune the properties of a broad variety of layered materials. Very similar to graphene, these layered materials exhibit distinct physical and electronic properties from their bulk counterparts when exfoliated down to mono- or few-layered species. Size control therefore offers equally exciting possibilities to tailor materials for specific needs as surface modification and functionalisation. Interested? Find out more here.




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