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OpenMCTDHB is an open-source package for the many-body dynamics of ultracold bosons [1]. It is an implementation of the MCTDHB algorithm [2] to solve the many-body Schrödinger equation for bosons. The OpenMCTDHB project was initiated by Kaspar Sakmann who also wrote the code up to Version 2.0 starting in 2007.

OpenMCTDHB can solve the many-boson Schrödinger equation for 1D, 2D and 3D problems at variable degree of accuracy. The current version supports up to two orbitals and thereby allows to assess the validity of any Gross-Pitaevskii computation on the many-body level. The code is portable, serial and can be compiled using open-source software only. A number of scripts that come with the code allow to analyze the physics of a computation without the need to get deeply involved. The goal of OpenMCTDHB is to make many-boson dynamics accessible to everyone.


A user manual with worked through examples and installation instructions can be found at the OpenMCTDHB website. OpenMCTDHB uses some of the libraries of the Heidelberg MCTDH package and comes with a copy of the FFTW library (please see the links below).

If you use OpenMCTDHB (or some results obtained from it) in any publication, we politely request that you cite [1] below. You may also wish to cite the original MCTDHB paper [2] or the MCTDHB package [3]


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[3] The MCTDHB Package, A. I. Streltsov, K. Sakmann, A. U. J. Lode, O. E. Alon, and L. S. Cederbaum, Version 2.0, Heidelberg, (2010),

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