MCTDH mini-workshop

We are happy to announce the first Heidelberg Workshop on the MCTDH Method . The lectures will be held on July 24/25 2001 in the IWH (Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg) Hauptstrasse 242, 69117 Heidelberg. For information on the IWH see IWH. A map is also available. Those who are interested and need more information should send me an e-mail

List of participants

  1. Ivan Andrianov, Regensburg
  2. Ezinvi Baloitcha, Liege
  3. Vincent Brems, Heidelberg
  4. Simona Briganti, Heidelberg
  5. Stephane Briquez, Lille
  6. Irene Burghardt, Paris
  7. Christoph Cattarius, Heidelberg
  8. Fabien Gatti, Heidelberg
  9. Tihamer Geyer, Rehovot, Israel
  10. Marie-Catherine Heitz, Toulouse
  11. Christophe Iung, Montpelier
  12. Oliver Kühn, Berlin
  13. David Lauvergnat, Orsay
  14. Frederic Lequere, Paris
  15. Uttam Mahapatra, Heidelberg
  16. Christoph Meier, Toulouse
  17. Hans-Dieter Meyer, Heidelberg
  18. Andre Nauts, Orsay and Louvain-la-Neuve
  19. Mathias Nest, Heidelberg
  20. Frank Otto, Heidelberg
  21. Markus Pernpointner, Heidelberg
  22. Brigitte Pouilly, Lille
  23. Andreas Raab, Heidelberg
  24. Falk Richter, Paris
  25. Peter Saalfrank, Regensburg
  26. Suren Sukiasyan, Heidelberg
  27. Yuthana Tantirungrotechai, Cambridge (currently Heidelberg)
  28. Michael Thoss, München/Garching
  29. Jerome Trin, Lille
  30. Graham Worth, London
  31. Tao Wu, München/Garching


Monday, July 23rd
Participants who arrive on Monday in Heidelberg may wish to meet (after 19:00, say) at an restaurant in the old city of Heidelberg.
We shall meet at "China restaurant Asia", Haspelgasse 2. The restaurant is easy to find as it is located very close to the entrance of the old bridge (Karl-Theodor Brücke). From there walk about 60 meter, direction south-west.

Tuesday, July 24th
Time Speaker .
08:55 Meyer Welcome
09:00 Meyer Introduction to MCTDH
10:00 Saalfrank Reduced Dynamics and Density Operators
10:30 -- Coffee break
11:00 Worth MCTDH Program Structure and Development
12:00 -- Lunch break
14:00Raab MCTDH applied to the propagation of density operators
14:30Thoss Systematic convergence in the dynamical hybrid approach:
A method to describe quantum dynamics in dissipative systems
15:00Kühn Multidimensional Dynamics of Hydrogen Bonds:
Combining MCTDH and ab initio Reaction Surface Hamiltonians
15:30 -- Coffee break
16:00Richter Isomerisation Dynamics of HONO
16:30Trin Photodissociation of the Ar-HBr and Ar2-HBr complexes
17:00Burghardt Approximate treatment of complex molecular systems by the MCTDH method

Wednesday, July 25th
Time Speaker .
09:00 Worth Building an MCTDH operator
10:00Nauts Kinetic energy operators for sets of constrained coordinates
10:30 -- Coffee break
11:00 Meyer Understanding the MCTDH Input; Tips and Tricks
12:00 Gatti Bound State Energies determined by MCTDH and Filter Diagonalisation
12:30everybody General discussion: The future of MCTDH. What to do next?

The talks are supposed to last 25 min (or 55 min) in order to have 5 min for discussion.

(Last update: July 12)

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