Long pathnames in networks

On a computer network there is sometimes a long and a short version of an absolute path. For example, on the Heidelberg AIX-cluster the two path-names:




are equivalent. The mctdh programs will convert the long version to the short version if one sets the variables ignore and substi accordingly. (See lines 15-20 of the shell-script $MCTDH_DIR/install/install_mctdh). I.e. for the above example one should set :


The ignore part of a path-name will de replaced by substi.

If you cannot make use of ignore and substi you should unset them. If you (re-)define ignore and substi after you have successfully installed the mctdh-package, just run install_mctdh again, but this time with the -f option. You then may answer all the questions with no, except for the compilation of the source code.