Seminar Schedule

22.10.2001 Victor G. Bezchastnov, Heidelberg
Magnetically induces anions
29.10.2001 Markus Pernpointner, Heidelberg
Determination of Nuclear Quadrupole Moments
05.11.2001 Uwe Hergenhahn, Berlin
Alte und neue Phänomene in der Photoelektronenspektroskopie der K-Schalen kleiner Moleküle
12.11.2001 Ron Folman, Heidelberg
Manipulation of ultra cold atoms on nanofabricated surfaces: the atom chip
19.11.2001 Tucker Carrington, Heidelberg
Preconditioned iterative methods for calculating energy levels and metastable state lifetimes
L. Poluyanov, München
Crossings of PE surfaces of triatomic systems and nonadiabatic semiclassical dynamics
The seminar starts at 15:00 (note 15:00 sharp, not ct) at the usual place INF 229, room 110
26.11.2001 Françoise Remacle, Liège, Belgium
Role of disorder on the electronic and optical properties of quantum dots artificial solids
New date!
Mattias Wolhfarth, Heidelberg
Photoelektonenspektren core-ionisierter Systeme
New date!
Irene Burghardt, Paris
Bohmian mechanics and mixed quantum states
17.12.2001 Nickolay Dobrodey, Heidelberg
Core ionization of weakly bound atomic clusters and complexes
Ofir Alon, Heidelberg
Unitary and anti-unitary dynamical symmetries of molecules in external fields
14:15, INF 253 (seminar room, 2nd floor)
21.01.2002 Vincent Brems, Bonn
Ab initio study of the dissociative electron attachment to the F2 molecule
Klaus Richter, Regensburg
Quantentransport auf molekularen Skalen
14:15, INF 253 (seminar room, 2nd floor)
28.01.2002 Andrey K. Belyaev, St. Petersburg
Generalized diatomics-in-molecule method
11.02.2002 H.-D. Meyer, Heidelberg
MCTDH, was sonst!

As a rule, seminars take place on Monday, 14:15, in the Seminarraum, INF 229, 1. OG., room 110

last update: 31.01.2002

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