Seminar Schedule

J. M. Weber, Karlsruhe
Experiments on Isolated Multiply Charged Anions

P. Rosmus, Paris
On the formation and detection of Ozone

B. Schimmelpfennig, Karlsruhe
Computational Actinide Chemistry: 
Present questions and applications

A. Streltsov, Heidelberg
New (BEST) Mean-Field for BEC


K. D. Sen, at present: Frankfurt
Electronic structure calculations of confined atoms and molecules

H. Hennig, Heidelberg
Charge migration due to electron correlation in molecules:
Development of a non-Dyson-method

J. Schirmer, Heidelberg
What's new in the world of ADC

21.06.04 Suren Sukiasyan, Heidelberg
Tri- and tetraatomic reactive scattering with the MCTDH method


Luis Benet, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Some aspects of integrable two-level boson systems

05.07.04 Chr. Cattarius, Heidelberg
Multidimensional dynamical studies on vibronically coupled systems and model studies on surface-relaxations and surface-sticking processes using the MCTDH method

M. Child, Oxford
Spectroscopic signatures of saddle points
14:15, INF 253 (seminar room, 2nd floor)

As a rule, seminars take place on Monday, 14:15, in the Seminarraum, INF 229, 1. OG., room 110

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