Seminar Schedule

29.04.2002 Dr. Michael Seidl, Universität Regensburg
Density functional theory from the extreme limits of correlation; test: Atomization energies of molecules
13.05.2002 Dr. Z. Chen, Erlangen
Theoretical characterization of fullerenes and heterofullerenes: Spherical aromaticity
27.05.2002 Dr. Wolfhard Koch, Universität Tübingen
Diatomic Hartree-Fock-Hückel Theory of Large Molecules and Translationally Periodic Crystals
Prof. K. Ueda, Sendai, Japan
11:15, INF 253 (seminar room, 2nd floor)
Nuclear motion and symmetry breaking of core-excited polyatomic molecules
10.06.2002 Ilya Fabrikant, University of Nebraska (at present: Kaiserslautern)
Photodetachment microscopy
24.06.2002 Dr. Ji Il Kim, Heidelberg
Collective Rabi Oscillations of Colliding Cold Atoms
Etienne Gindensperger, Toulouse, France
11:00(st), INF 253 (seminar room, 2nd floor)
The use of Bohmian trajectories in quantum molecular dynamics: exact and approximative schemes
01.07.2002 Christian Buth, Heidelberg
The decay of electronic resonances in molecules

As a rule, seminars take place on Monday, 14:15, in the Seminarraum, INF 229, 1. OG., room 110

last update: 24.06.2002

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