Theoretical Chemistry Group Seminar

Seminar Schedule Winter-Semester 2007/2008
29.10.07 Nengping Wang, Hamburg
Electronic Transport in Nanowires
05.11.07 Ofir Alon, Heidelberg
Some quantum-gas physics beyond Gross-Pitaevskii
12.11.07 Philipp Demekhin
Interchannel interactions and interference effects in resonant photoionization of atoms and simple molecules
26.11.07 Volker Engel, Würzburg
Laser control of molecular motion: towards an understanding of the underlying physics
03.12.07 Kaspar Sakmann, Heidelberg
First and higher order coherence of trapped BECs
10.12.07 Andre D. Bandrauk, Sherbrooke, Canada
Attosecond Science - The Next Frontier ?
17.12.07 Robin Santra, Argonne, IL, USA
Strong-field control of x-ray absorption
21.01.08 Michael Thoss, München
Quantum dynamics of charge transfer processes in the condensed phase

As a rule, seminars take place on Monday, 14:15, in the Seminarraum, INF 229, 1. OG., room 110.

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