Theoretical Chemistry Group Seminar

Seminar Schedule WS 2006/07
23.10.06 Christian Ralph Evenhuis, Bielefeld
Interpolation of diabatic potential energy surfaces.
30.10.06 Fabien Gatti, Montpellier, z.Z. Heidelberg
Theoretical investigation of highly excited vibrational states in HFCO and DFCO.
06.11.06 Victor Bezchastnov, Heidelberg
Magnetically induced anions.
13.11.06 Sourav Pal, Pune, Indien
Response formulation using effective Hamiltonian multi-reference coupled-cluster theory: Electric properties of radicals and excited states.
20.11.06 Petra Zdanskai, Prag
Potential scattering with varying projectile flux.
27.11.06 Nikolai Kryzhevoi, Heidelberg
High activity of He droplets following ionization of systems embedded in them.
04.12.06 Sergy Yu. Grebenschikov, Göttingen
Photodissociation of ozone from UV to near-IR: Non-adiabatic effects in spectra and dynamics.
11.12.06 Weihnachts-Kolloquium
18.12.06 Susanta Mahapatra, Hyderabad, Indien
Quantum nonadiabatic dynamics: spectroscopy and reactive scattering.
15.01.07 Alexej Strelsov, Heidelberg
General variational many-body theory with complete self-consistency for ultra-cold bosons.
22.01.07 Michael Mayle, Heidelberg
Controlling Molecular Orientation through Radiative Transitions in Strong Electric Fields
05.02.07 Oriol Vendrell, Heidelberg
Quantum dynamics of the protonated water dimer H5O2+

As a rule, seminars take place on Monday, 14:15, in the Seminarraum, INF 229, 1. OG., room 110.

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