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Quantum Dynamics and Electronic Structure of Molecular Systems

TC Seminar Schedule Sommer Semester 2012



 23.04.12  Shachar Klaiman, Heidelberg
 The Absolute Position of a Resonance Peak
 07.05.12  Phillip Thomas, Leiden, z.Z. Heidelberg
 Reactive Scattering Dynamics of H2 on Pt(111) and Cu(111):
 Potential Representation using Chebyshev High-Dimensional Model
 Representation  (Chebyshev-HDMR)
 14.05.12  Sabine Kopec, Heidelberg
 Excitonic Splitting and Vibronic Coupling in the ortho-Cyanophenol-Dimer
 21.05.12  Salvador Miret Artes, Madrid
 Atom interferometry with quantum trajectories
 04.06.12  Oriol Vendrell, Hamburg
 Photo-fragmentation of the protonated water dimer by XUV light
 11.06.12  Philipp Demekhin, Heidelberg
 Coherent strong laser pulses lead to interference in the time domain:
 Dynamic Interference of Electron Waves
 18.06.12  Anthony Dutoi, Heidelberg
 Time-resolved Pump--Probe Spectroscopy to Follow Valence Electron Motion
 25.06.12  Behnam Nikoobakht, Heidelberg
 Efficient computation of adiabatic populations in multi-mode vibronic systems
 through the use of effective vibrational modes
 02.07.12  Aditya Panda, IIT Guwahati, z.Z. Heidelberg
 Excitation energy transfer in conjugated polymers:
 Electronic structure and dynamics.
 09.07.12   Andreas Köhn, Mainz
 Coupled-Cluster Theories for Multiconfigurational Systems


As a rule, seminars take place on Monday, 14:15, in the Seminarraum, INF 229,
1. OG., Room 110.

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