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Theoretical Chemistry Seminar

Quantum Dynamics and Electronic Structure of Molecular Systems

TC Seminar Schedule Summer Semester 2011



 02.05.11   Ali Abedi, MPI Halle
 Exact Factorization of the Time-Dependent Electron-Nuclear Wave Function
 09.05.11  Ying-Chih Chiang (Letitia), Heidelberg
 Electron energy and kinetic energy release spectra of ICD decaying molecues
 16.05.11  Jeremy Richardson, Cambridge, UK
 Ring-polymer instanton method for calculating rates and tunneling splittings
 30.05.11  Moshe Shapiro, Vancouver, Canada
 Coherent Control of entanglement and spin alignment
 06.06.11  Alfred Maquet, Paris
 Imaging of electronic molecular wave packets with attosecond resolution:
 Challenges in theory.
 20.06.11  Andreas Köhn, Mainz
 Internally contracted multi-reference coupled-cluster theory


As a rule, seminars take place on Monday, 14:15, in the Seminarraum, INF 229,
1. OG., Room 110.

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