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PhD Thesis in Physics and Chemistry

Wetting of Bio-Inspired, Stimulus-Responsive Polymer Surfaces by Cells and Artificial Cell Models

Physical Chemistry of Biosystems, Univ. Heidelberg (Prof. M. Tanaka)
DFG Priority Program SPP2171

Design of switchable interlayers between soft, biological objects and hard solids is one of the major challenges in material science to "dynamically" regulate the interfacial interactions between materials and cells. Within the framework of DFG Priority Project SPP2171 (Wetting of Flexible, Adaptive, and Switchable Surfaces")), we collaborate with the theoretical soft matter group (Prof. M. Müller, Univ. Göttingen) and investigate the wetting of bio-inspired, stimulus-responsive polymer substrates by cells and cell models.

Tanaka Lab is searching for a motivated PhD candidate in physics or chemistry, who is willing to perform interdisciplinary research between material science, physical chemistry, and soft matter physics.

If you have interest, please contact:

Prof. Motomu Tanaka (
Physical Chemistry of Biosystems, Institute of Physical Chemistry

Heidelberg University, 69120 Heidelberg