GRK 2948 - Mixed Ionic-Electronic Transport: From Fundamentals to Applications

Welcome to the Research Training Group “Mixed Ionic-Electronic Transport: From Fundamentals to Applications” (GRK 2948)

The Research Training Group “Mixed Ionic-Electronic Transport” (GRK 2948) is an interdisciplinary structured doctoral programme at Heidelberg University and the University of Stuttgart. We explore how ions and electrons interact with each other in organic, hybrid and nanoscale materials with the aim to create new functionalities for sensors, soft actuators and bioelectronics. The fundamental nature of ionic-electronic interactions in relation to electronic, optical and mechanical properties are investigated with a wide range of modern techniques such as in-situ and time-resolved spectroscopies/ microscopies as well as rheological measurements on different length scales. Experiments are accompanied by modelling from the atomistic level to the macroscale.

Pursuing a doctoral degree within this Research Training Group (RTG) offers you a combination of fundamental and applied research topics, close collaboration across disciplines in a collaborative and diverse environment, exchanges with international partners and a tailored qualification programme that will enable you to pursue a successful career within the fast-expanding field of mixed ionic-electronic conductors.

Exciting research projects from theory to synthesis and device engineering are either located at Heidelberg University or the University of Stuttgart. See list of projects.

Open Positions

We offer a number of open positions for doctoral researchers with a temporary employment contract for up to 42 months (75% TVL-E13) starting in October 2023. Enrolment to pursue a doctoral degree at the corresponding faculties based on their requirements is mandatory in addition to joining the Research Training Group.

General requirements for applicants

Documents to be provided as pdfs:

Application process:

Choose a project (or 1-2 preferred projects) and submit your documents for the available projects through the JoinUs platform.

You might be invited for online and on-site interviews depending on pre-screening.

Note: all applications are processed through this platform independent from the location of the research group (Heidelberg or Stuttgart).

If you encounter problems with the platform, please contact

Heidelberg University and the University of Stuttgart stand for equal opportunities and diversity. Qualified female candidates are especially invited to apply. Persons with severe disabilities will be given preference if they are equally qualified. Information on the collection of personal data is available at
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