Hengstberger Symposium on "The role of defects in low-dimensional nanostructures"


The Hengstberger-Symposium on “The Role of Defects in Low-dimensional Nanostructures” funded by the Klaus-Georg and Sigrid Hengstberger Foundation will take place at the Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg (IWH) from Tuesday 22.05. to Thursday 24.05. 2018.

We will bring together experts in nanomaterial research to discuss the most recent developments and novel ideas surrounding the role of defects on the properties and exploitation of novel low-dimensional nanostructures in applications.

The particular aim of the workshop is to promote the discussion between members of the nanomaterials community from a variety of interdisciplinary backgrounds, especially those from fundamental and applied backgrounds and with a background on a diversity of materials ranging from carbon nanotubes to inorganic 2D materials, perovskites and nanoparticles. We hope that such combined perspectives will facilitate a better understanding of the unifying principles and key challenges and opportunities surrounding this exciting topic in materials science.

Topics include

The number of participants is strictly limited. Most speakers will be invited, however there will be a limited number of contributed talks. Other interested participants will have the opportunity to bring a poster. Contributions will be selected to form a coherent program with complementary aspects that span the entire process chain. The schedule will be arranged such that there will be plenty of time for discussion in between the talks.

There will be no conference fee.

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