Logo of the University of Heidelberg XIX. International Symposium on the Jahn-Teller Effect Heidelberg


On the occasion of the symposium it is planned to create a set of Topical/Tutorial Reviews about our field, to be published in the Springer Series of Chemical Physics. It has the preliminary title


The format of these reviews is somewhat different from that of the proceedings of recent Jahn-Teller symposia. They may well contain the conference contributions, but should put them into a broader perspective, with significant historic and background information. Also, related work of other authors should be covered adequately. Thus, some extra effort is involved, but will pay off in creating this overview information volume over our field. More details will be sent/have been sent by email to the conference participants.

Every participant is welcome to contribute to this book. If you plan to do so, please send us an email about this before the conference.