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Abstracts of all presentations (invited and contributed) are due by mid-June 2008 (now extended to June 30). Please obey the following general rules when preparing your abstract.

Abstracts should be maximum one A4 page in size and be submitted electronically as doc, tex or pdf files (source files are preferred) to the address jt2008@uni-hd.de. Please use 12 point font (Arial or Times New Roman) and leave margins of ~3 cm (top, left, right and bottom). Separate title (boldface and exceptionally 15 point font), authors and affiliation (italics, 12 point font), and main text by blank lines and generally use single line spacing.

Here you can download templates in Word and Latex format, as well as a corresponding (latex-based) pdf file.

Here you can find the updated List of Abstracts (pdf file, 6.5 MB) - available as of August 13.