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Last Hints for Arrival

Here we give you same brief, final hints for local travel, helping you to arrive from your hotel or the train station at the conference site. For travel to Heidelberg please see the appropriate link in the menu bar.

Full details are available from the web page of the Heidelberg public transportation system The English, French... versions are easily accessible from there by clicking on the appropriate icon.

Many hotels (please check our map of Heidelberg) would imply access to public buses and trams/streetcars either at Bismarckplatz or at Heidelberg main train station. The Bismarckplatz is the public transportation hub of Heidelberg and located right in between the nos. 14 and 7 of our list of hotels.

From Bismarckplatz take bus line 31 towards destination "Neuenheim", also indicated as "Uniklinikum Neuenh. Feld". Be aware that there are two stops here for this bus line. The correct one is the first (in the running direction of the buses). In the morning they depart at 8:09, 8:19, 8:29 etc. Exit the bus at "Bunsengymnasium" - this is the 5th stop and the travelling time is about 7 min.

From the train station take tram line 21 or 24 towards "Handschuhsheim" and exit at the 3rd stop, again Bunsengymnasium (travelling time 5 min). The trams depart at the train station every 4-6 min.

These bus/tram lines and exits are also applicable for arrival from other hotels (one also passes by there by walking e.g. from Hotel Berger or Cafe Frisch). Crossing the "Berliner Strasse" leads one directly to the main entrance of the University campus "Neuenheimer Feld". There is a big map available with the location of the Chemistry Lecture Hall (= Hörsaalgebäude Chemie, INF 252) indicated. There will be additional smaller signs directing you the conference venue after a ~5 min walk.