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Practicum: Biophysical Chemistry:

General Information

This block course practicum is coordinated by professors Tanaka and Spatz and is addressed to molecular biotechnology students in the 5th semester, but also selectable for chemistry and physics bachelor students in their 5th semester.The practicum ends with a written exam (students of chemistry and physics receive a certificate of completion).


BYOM (Spatz) (PDF)
QCMD (Spatz) (PDF)
FLM (Spatz/Tanaka) (PDF)
AFM (Tanaka) (PDF)
DSC (Tanaka) (PDF)
Film balance (Tanaka) (PDF)
LKG (Tanaka) (PDF)
TD1 (Tanaka) (PDF)
TD2 (Tanaka) (PDF)
TD3 (Tanaka) (PDF)
TD4 (Tanaka) (PDF)
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