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Lecture: Bioactive Interfaces - An interactive lecture (SS 2016)


Dr. Heike Boehm, Prof. Joachim Spatz

This lecture is addressed to master students in chemistry and molecular biotechnology.

Lecture: Biophysical Chemistry II (SS 2016)


Dr. Dr. Ada Cavalcanti-Adam

This lecture series is addressed to master students in molecular biotechnology, chemistry and physics.

Seminar: Cells and Biomimetic Surfaces (SS 2016)


Dr. Dr. Ada Cavalcanti-Adam

This seminar is addressed to master students in molecular biotechnology and chemistry.

A prerequisite for attending this seminar is a past or current internship in the Department of Biophysical Chemistry.

Biophysical Chemistry III

A selectable lecture series for master students (semester 7), completing the Biophysical Chemistry courses I and II. The lectures are available for Molecular Biotechnology, Chemistry and Physics students, and especially recommended to MoBi students with biophysics major.

Biomimetic Systems

This year we address this lecture to Molecular Biotechnology and Chemistry master students.

Biophysics frequently investigates biological components in-virto to gain better understanding about their structure and/or function. Constructing biomimetic systems copying properties of the cellular environment is a very important tool to investigate and manipulate processes, such as cellular adhesion, differentiation, proliferation, etc., in cell biology. Such knowledge has several applications ranging from implant design, cancer therapy and diagnosys. In this course we present various methods and systems in the micro- and nanometer scale, which allow controlled interactions between cells and biomolecules.

Biophysical Chemistry, University of Heidelberg 2016